'Burn Notice' Season Finale: Bruce Campbell And Coby Bell Dish On Season 5

Get ready "Burn Notice" fans, because the Season 5 finale promises to leave you on the edge of your seat with a major cliffhanger. While most of the attention will be on Michael Weston, his relationship with Fiona and his attempts to break free of his adversary Anson's control, let's not forget about all of the other members of Weston's team, particularly Sam Axe and Jesse Porter.

"At one point they were giving Jesse all of Michael Weston's storylines, so that was intense," Coby Bell, who plays Jesse, told The Huffington Post via phone. Throughout the latter half of Season 5, rough-around-the-edges Jesse served the purpose of allowing Michael to be in two places at once, trusting him to be his eyes and ears on the ground. "I was happy that they lightened Jesse up this season, which is where I'm more comfortable, having done comedy. He's finally gotten comfortable with his new Miami life, but he can still be badass when he wants to be ... We're always blowing something up."

You can expect Michael's other good friend and confidant, Sam, played by B-movie legend Bruce Campbell, to get in on the action as well. Don't be fooled by the Hawaiian shirts and mojitos, this former Navy Seal knows how to bring the heat -- and make an entrance -- with guns blazing.

"Sam is going to run support, just like Jesse," Campbell. "We're the team, the team that you can't do without, the team you can't beat! The more the bad guys ratchet up, the more we have to suck it up and bring our A-game.

"It's nice because Jesse has finally settled into the team, so it's like, 'Let's go get these bad guys.' And that gives Coby and I more time to watch Lawrence Welk. We watch Lawrence Welk when we have time off together. I'm not even kidding. I mean, Coby is supposed to be a hipster, so what's he doing watching Lawrence Welk?" (Note: Bell will not confirm or deny his Lawrence Welk obsession.)

The Season 5 finale will feature more than a few intense scenes for Sam, who gets a little creative with one stunt. As Michael Weston says, "When you can't use explosives, sometimes you have to get creative."

"For most people, when they show up to work, it doesn't involve dangerous explosives," Campbell jokingly admitted. "There's always lots of building up and tearing down, any way that they can." Sometimes, a little utility equipment goes a long way.

After five seasons and a successful TV movie, "The Fall of Sam Axe," could it be time for Sam to go solo? For now, Campbell's just fine playing back-up.

"I think I'm okay to step back and be the guy over Michael Weston's shoulder," Campbell said.

However, another Sam Axe-centric movie is always a possibility. "We could because it did very well in the ratings, and so we kind of had some conversations about it," Campbell said. "But I still have my 'Burn Notice ' day job, so until I get killed off on that show."

The season 5 finale of "Burn Notice" airs Thurs., Dec. 15 at 10 p.m. ET on USA. Watch an exclusive sneak peek below.