12/15/2011 05:36 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Rosemount High School Prank Forces Students To Make Out With Their Parents (DISTURBING VIDEO)

Minnesota therapists can count on employment for the next 10 years after a prank from Rosemount High School left school officials apologetic, City Pages reports.

The prank, which took place at the end-of-the-year "pepfest," involved blindfolding a group of students in front of everyone, and instructing them to wait for a kiss from "a special someone."

Unfortunately for them, the "special" people happened to be their parents. Their...parents.

During an interview on Thursday, Rosemount High School Principal John Wollersheim took responsibility for the nearly incestual prank, the Associated Press reports.

"As principal, I'm responsible for everything that happens in this school," he told AP. "This event offended people, and pep fests should have nothing that offends people."

Wollersheim went on to say he hasn't received any complaints from those involved.

WARNING: the video can make some incredibly uncomfortable. Discretion is advised.