12/15/2011 05:48 pm ET

Shirtify Sends Band T-Shirts To Lazy, Generous Music Lovers

So band shirts are super cool, right? Right -- because they prove that you went to the concert and it was totally rad. Alternatively, you love the band so much that you rummaged around at the local thrift shop and found it under a pile of mildewy plaid shirts.

Now that's what we call devotion.

Buttttt... for those lazy music listeners out there, there's finally an alternative. Shirtify (get it?) is a personalized band t-shirt company that, in short, sends you t-shirts from your favorite bands.

Once you sign up for the service, Shirtify "friends" you on your chosen music service (e.g. Spotify, Pandora, Rdio), takes a peek at the music you listen to, then sends you a band tee from one of your top artists each month. Next month, same thing, always reflecting what you've listened to lately.

One of the bonuses, as Shirtify touts on its website, is that the money you pay Shirtify ($35/month) goes directly to the bands. Unlike downloading a band's single on iTunes or going to see them live, no corporations or record labels take a cut of the t-shirt money.

Which is an awesome way to support bands, while also supporting your own street cred... if you listen to the right bands, of course. You may buy that Sonic Youth shirt to signal your coolness to the world, but if you're secretly streaming "Glee" hits on your Pandora... well, someone might send you a "Glee" t-shirt.

Wear it with pride. And explore Shirtify here!