12/15/2011 04:27 pm ET Updated Dec 16, 2011

Tracee Ellis Ross Talks About Working With Malcolm-Jamal Warner On 'Reed Between The Lines' (VIDEO)

Former "Cosby Show" star Macolm Jamal-Warner is back on TV, and Wendy Williams is pretty excited about it. Jamal-Warner's co-star on the new BET sitcom "Reed Between the Lines," Tracee Ellis Ross, stopped by "The Wendy Williams Show" (weekdays, syndicated on Fox) on Thursday, and the appearance turned into a Jamal-Warner love-fest.

"He's very hot," Williams observed, and Ellis Ross described their relationship as a "platonic love affair." She said that the two co-stars, who are also co-producers on the show, "have the same work ethic we seem to have the vision for the kind of television we want to make ... he's just a great guy. And he's got really nice arms ... One of the things I feel is that I'm happy that television is showing a man like Malcolm Jamal -Warner."

On "Reed Between the Lines," Jamal-Warner and Ellis Ross play a married couple who are both doctors: she's a psychologist and he's an NYU English Professor who teaches from home so he can take care of the kids. In an October appearance on "Good Day New York," Jamal-Warner talked about some of the thematic similarities between "Reed Between The Lines" and "The Cosby Show." He said they share the same "sense of universality, that sense of positive family values and family love, and [are about] a couple that's actually happily married."