12/16/2011 02:35 am ET Updated Feb 14, 2012

'Burn Notice' Season Finale: Unexpected Surrender Stuns Michael (VIDEO)

For weeks now, Michael has been doing everything in his power to protect Fiona from Anson. It's caused him to compromise a lot, even crossing lines that he might not have otherwise crossed. All because Anson used this leverage he had over Fiona to force Michael to do his bidding. On the "Burn Notice" (Thu., 10PM ET on USA) season finale, Fiona finally took control of the situation in the only way she knew how.

Well, more specifically, the only way she saw left to her after Michael stepped between her sniper sight and Anson's head. So she turned herself in for murder. It was because of incriminating evidence against her that Anson had this power in the first place, and so by sacrificing herself, she freed Michael.

"You do what's right, no matter the cost to you," she wrote him in a letter. "And I've learned that when you love a spy, you have to be willing to make that sacrifice, too."

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