12/16/2011 11:54 am ET Updated Dec 16, 2011

'Drew Peterson: Untouchable': Rob Lowe Is 'Untouchable, Bitch' (VIDEO)

Drew Peterson, the former police sergeant accused of murdering his third wife, Kathleen Savio, is the subject of a new Lifetime original movie, "Drew Peterson: Untouchable," which hits the small screen on Jan. 21. Rob Lowe donned Peterson's signature mustache, silver pompadour and uneasy grin to play the lead role.

Vulture posted a 30 second teaser of the made-for-TV film, calling it "so startlingly ultracampy that it may only be safe to watch through a pinhole, much as one would witness a solar eclipse." And they weren't the only ones to find the trailer laughable.

Peterson's attorney Joel Brodsky played the "Drew Peterson: Untouchable" teaser for his client over the phone, who laughed and called it "hilarious," according to NBC Chicago.

Wait until the end of the teaser to find out why the movie is called "Untouchable." Let the viral phenomenon commence.

WATCH: The laughingly bad trailer for "Drew Peterson: Untouchable" below.