Choi Jeong-Hwa's Entrancing Artworks For The Digital Age (VIDEO)

South Korean public artist Choi Jeong-Hwa sees everyone as an artist and everything as art, or at least as materials. From his project 1,000 Doors, a 10-story public installation made of recycled doors, to a 'great wall' on a rooftop made of green, plastic buckets.

In an interview with The Creators Project, Choi explains he "decided against becoming an artist and decided instead to be an ordinary person who thinks like an artist." Such an outlook has led to a diverse output of performances, parties and public installations which shatter the traditional expectations of an artist's oevre.

Choi's work makes the art gallery irrelevant and outdated, turning every corner into a possibility for imagination and creation. His predictions for art in the digital age paint an inspiring and exciting future. Read his interview with The Creators Project here.