12/19/2011 09:51 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

David Yurman: Kate Moss For Fred Ads Are Total Ripoff (PHOTOS, POLL)

Kate Moss ads are a dime a dozen, as the supermodel has posed for Stella McCartney, Bulgari, Dior, Rimmel London, Versace, Yves Saint Laurent and more. Given how fashion loves to repeat itself, it wouldn't be all too preposterous if some of Kate Moss' many ads looked a tad similar, right?

Wrong. It is preposterous, says David Yurman. The jewelry company is in a huff, reports the New York Post, over a set of similar looking ads by jeweler Fred featuring Yurman's poster girl, Kate Moss. Fred's lastest Moss campaign looks "embarrassingly similar to the one David Yurman ran a year ago," a Yurman spokesperson told the Post.

David Yurman's Spring 2011 campaign, shot by Peter Lindbergh, depicted a topless Kate staring into the camera and grabbing lightly at strands of her wavy blonde hair, showing off the watch on her wrist and rings on her fingers.

One shot features Kate lying on a white fur rug, staring up at the camera with her elbows bent and her bracelets on full display.

In Fred's new Spring 2012 campaign, Kate is topless again, grabbing at her hair and showing off her rings, bracelets and necklace. Captured by photographer Sonia Sieff, her haircut looks similar, as do her poses -- she even lies down on a black fur rug (although this time while wearing pants) to showcase her wrist bling.

So do the ads look very similar? Yes -- Kate's got the same haircut, the same sexy expression, the same topless pose. But Yurman's ads still stand out: the Lindbergh shots are world class photography in Yurman's signature black and white and the jewels, wrapped in thick ropes of twisted silver and gold, are unmistakable.

We think Yurman needn't lose sleep over this one.

Take a look below -- do you think Fred's campaign is a total ripoff or is David Yurman overreacting?

Kate Moss: Fred vs Yurman