12/20/2011 03:33 pm ET

Alisha Brennon's Civil Union Recognized By Indiana In Stage Collapse Settlement

Story by Kate Sosin, courtesy of the Windy City Times:

Indiana State Fair stage collapse survivors, including Alisha Brennon, have accepted a settlement from the state over the accident.

Brennon, who is suing a host of private companies over the disaster that killed her wife, LGBT activist Christina Santiago, has accepted more than $300,000 for the wrongful death of Santiago. The families of the other six victims to die in the collapse have accepted settlements as well.

Brennon has received the same settlement as heterosexual complainants who lost a spouse in the accident, possibly setting a precedent for same-sex partner recognition for wrongful deaths in Indiana, according to her attorney.

Brennon and Allen have said they filed suit to challenge Indiana's lack of recognition for same-sex couples. Brennon and Santiago had a civil union in Illinois, a relationship not recognized under Indiana state law.

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