12/20/2011 09:06 am ET Updated Feb 19, 2012

Angelina Jolie Talks Soft-Spoken Directorial Style For 'In The Land Of Blood And Honey'

It might be time for Angelina Jolie to use her outside voice.

Between a revoked production permit and blood-heavy content, writing and directing a film about the Yugoslav Wars was no easy feat for Jolie. "['In The Land Of Blood And Honey'] is a call to dialogue and discussion," Jolie told Hollywood Dailies. "If we don't keep talking [about these situations], we won't come up with better ways of addressing them."

It's an on-point message for Jolie, who has repeatedly spoken about her desire to reignite public interest in the victims of the war.

"The people felt as though the world had forgotten them," Jolie told Newsweek recently. "It was a time of great pain, and I wanted to depict how courageous people were -- without offending anyone."

Ironically, one of the biggest challenges for the actress-turned-director while working on "In The Land Of Blood And Honey" was speaking up. "Someone was joking with me the other day and they said, 'the first time you said action, nobody could hear you," she told Hollywood Dailies.

Jolie may have learned to speak up and the world may be dying to see her directorial debut; but when it comes to her children Jolie would rather keep them out of the Bosnian villages. "I wrote whenever I could, when the kids were asleep or in their classes," she told The Hollywood Reporter. "Halfway through some of the most horrific scenes, I'd hear, 'Mommy, I need another story, I can't go to sleep,' and so I'd pause what I was doing and go tell happy stories about bunny villages."