12/21/2011 11:32 am ET Updated Dec 21, 2011

NYU Students Create MetroChange To Save Leftover Metrocard Money For Charities (VIDEO)

New York subways bear witness to 40 tons of garbage a day. Did you know that includes discarding $52 million a year in real, live money? Well, that's how much is tossed out from all the sad, random change left on countless Metrocards annually.

Depressing, yes. But there's hope!

A new project coined MetroChange is hoping to send that unused money from abandoned Metrocards into a fund that gets donated to different charities once a month to help those in need.

Stepan Boltalin, Genevieve Hoffman and Paul May from NYU's ITP program have designed a donation platform that lets straphangers swipe away at designated kiosks in order to direct their leftover change to a central fund. A message appears on the LCD screen to let you know you've done your bit of good for the day.

The physical card then gets taken for recycling.

The group is eager to get the project installed in your subway station, so as their blog instructs, if you've got ties to the MTA and are interested in helping out, shoot an email to

Watch below for more details: