12/21/2011 12:43 pm ET Updated Aug 31, 2012

Whole Grain Recipes: Add Them To Your Recipes (Photos)

The new year brings a shift in our behaviors. Whether intentional -- as part of a New Year's resolution -- or just out of fatigue from all the indulging in holiday treats, we tend to eat lighter, healthier foods in the beginning of the year. One great way to change your eating habits is to add more whole grains to your diet. Whole grains are amazingly good for you, and some would say they greatly improve upon the flavors in a recipe. Rather than providing a backdrop for other foods' flavors to shine, whole grains add their own unique qualities to dishes.

There are an array of whole grains to choose from -- the possibilities reach far beyond just using whole wheat bread for your sandwich or brown rice to your burrito. The whole grains that we have highlighted in the recipes below include barley, bulgur, millet, wild rice, quinoa, spelt and farro. These grains are showcased in delectable and varied recipes such as spelt foccacia, millet gratin and a Peruvian quinoa soup.

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Whole Grain Recipes
Whole Grain Recipes