12/22/2011 06:45 am ET

Holiday Tip: Think Outside The Shirt Box And Give The Gift Of Service

Do you remember when you were a child and the Sears catalog would arrive right before the holidays and you, or at least I would, go through and circle everything you wanted for Christmas? It had all the presents you could want in one place. I can hear my father right now saying, "Did you leave anything for anyone else?" I would always have a split second of guilt, but it quickly passed.

The holidays can be like a juggling act, like trying to narrow down your choices from the Sears catalog when it comes to gift giving. We all know the drill. You make a list with everyone's name on it and what you think they want. You ask the ones near and dear to you to be more specific and then you add that to the list you have already started; all the while acting like you are putting everyone else's wants ahead of your own.