12/22/2011 10:08 pm ET Updated Feb 21, 2012

Ricky Gervais vs. Christian Fundamentalists Twitter Battle Continues, Gervais' Photo Burned

Ricky Gervais' battle with Christian fundamentalists heated up on Thursday, following a report by The Huffington Post detailing the comedian's week-long Twitter dialogue with religious extremists.

The "Office" star has been fighting back -- and sometimes mocking -- attacks on his atheism, as well as pushing back on homophobic and otherwise intolerant messages from a number of twitter users, including user @GodsWordIsLaw, who has been his primary antagonist.

Gervais tweeted HuffPost's initial article, writing "Christians and all other faiths.. Pls RT And say no to bigots preaching hate in the name of your God. Peace."

That created a commotion on the social networking service, with users both backing Gervais and @GodsWordIsLaw trading barbs. Tweets poured in at @GodsWordIsLaw (who lists himself as Keith from Minnesota), starting arguments over the existence of God, the alleged sins of homosexuals and the veracity of evolution.

Keith tweeted HuffPost's original article, writing, "How UNBELIEVABLY bias is this article? I really loathe liberal publications, so intellectually dishonest."

In addition to debating various other users, Keith posted a video of himself burning a photo of Gervais on a mock cross that originally came from a recent issue of New Humanist Magazine. Keith was unable to finish burning the photo of Gervais because he burnt his own finger in the process.

He also wrote, "Christian Soldiers need to start fighting 4 their beliefs or we'll go down in history as the generation that allowed Atheist bigots to win."