12/22/2011 11:48 am ET

Robin Thicke Talks Giving Paula Patton Orgasms And Interracial Dating

Robin Thicke is known for his soulful sounds and baby-making music, and he recently proved that he obviously practices what he preaches.

During an interview with, the singer opened up about what goes on in his bedroom--namely how he tries to give his wife, actress Paula Patton, double digit--yes double digit--orgasms.

"I like to try to get her into double-digit orgasms as much as possible," he told the website. "It doesn't happen all the time, but when I've got my mojo and my swag, it happens. Every few months it's just like bam--repeated. Repeated! I like her to just be going crazy in the bedroom."

Paula Patton is obviously a lucky lady, and not just because of her good looks and successful career.

The singer also talked about why he's not a fan of the media telling black women to date white men:

I think that's ridiculous. There are so many good Black men out there that are hardworking, decent, and handsome, you know? To start that rumor is as bad as starting any other negative rumor. There are great Black men out there. There are only a few good White men--trust me. (Laughs) Good luck finding a good White man who understands your journey. I only have three White friends. I've got 20 Black male friends, who are all good men who take good care of their wives, and good care of their children. I know amazing Black men. Maybe the women have to take better care of their men. Maybe you're being too stubborn. Maybe you're not saying you're sorry. You have to take good care of him, too. You have to give love to get love.

He also admitted how difficult it is being in an interracial relationship and struggling to understand your partner, and how he channels those experiences in his music:

I have a song on my new album called, "I Don't Know How It Feels to Be You," and she and I were in the middle of an argument and she said, "Robin, no matter how hard you try, or how compassionate you are, you'll never know what it's like to be a Black woman." So I got up and I wrote this song in five minutes. The lyrics are: "I don't know how it feels to be you, though I try my best to understand what you're going through, I don't know how it feels to be you. I can't walk in your shoes. But, I'm trying baby. You know how much I love you."

Thicke has admitted that many of his songs were inspired by his wife, and his fifth album "Love After War" is no exception.

But despite his candid talk about his sexcapades and spicy song lyrics, his music isn't always about an abundant sex life. He recently told E! Entertainment network's Chelsea Handler about how one song on the album was a result of a sexual dry spell.

"She was busy on the set [working] and I was losing my mojo," he told Handler. "I was taking care of the baby--we have a new year-and-a-half-old son, Julian...After a week or so, I wasn't getting none... I was like, I need to make a song that's gonna put her in some lingerie."