12/27/2011 04:37 pm ET Updated Dec 28, 2011

Best Comedy Albums Of 2011 (PICTURES)

2011 may prove to be a remarkable year for the health of the stand-up comedy album.

It's the year that comedy podcasts really took off in popularity, possibly spelling the end of the proper stand-up album, or maybe a renaissance of the form. It's the year that Louis C.K. self-released a concert special to massive success, which could revolutionize how comics choose to distribute their own comedy. And it's the year that users began streaming music online for little or no money, which makes stand-up comedy easier than ever to access -- if less profitable for the artists themselves.

And another truth becomes clear as 2011 comes to a close: this year's crop of comedy albums is roundly excellent. Even if some of the best and smartest comedians working today hadn't released albums this year, 2011 still saw some of the most creative and entertaining comedy released all around.

The editors of HuffPost Comedy had the tough task of narrowing down the 11 best comedy albums of 2011. While we had to leave out a few albums we love, we're confident that this list represents the best that 2011 had to offer. For more albums, check out a comedy album guide we had previously done this year. And please vote for your favorites of the year!

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Best Comedy Albums of 2011