12/29/2011 11:01 am ET Updated Feb 28, 2012

David Calderin, Suicidal Knife-Wielding Man, Shot By Police At Miami Ford Dealership

Miami-Dade police say an officer shot and wounded a suicidal Miami Gardens man armed with a knife Thursday morning at Maroone Ford of Miami.

Officers responded to the dealership at 16800 NW 57th Avenue in Northwest Miami-Dade after David Calderin, 25, walked in around 10 a.m. and made suicidal threats, according to Det. Javier Baez. When responding officers confronted Calderin, he armed himself with a large, curved knife decorated by a dragon on its hilt.

At that point, Baez said, one of the police officers discharged his weapon, striking Calderin multiple times. One witness told NBCMiami that he heard 4 gunshots, while another told CBSMiami there were six.

The Police Belevolent Association's John Rivera said the shooting was justified, calling the officer a hero.

"Force was used, and it was proper," Rivera said. "I can tell you that the officer obviously is upset, but he prevented injury to other people and to himself and to his partners. So he really acted in a very heroic way and we're very proud of him."

Calderin was airlifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital, where his condition is stable, and the knife was recovered at the scene. It is not known what relationship, if any, he had with Maroone Ford.