12/29/2011 11:47 am ET

Girl Cries 'I Don't Like The Cubs!' In Holiday Prank Similar To Jimmy Kimmel's YouTube Challenge (VIDEO)

In the battle between White Sox and Cubs fans, some Chicagoans are apparently so passionate that they can be brought to tears at the mere sight of their rivals' memorabilia.

Mya and Izaiah are 6-year-old twins, but their tastes in baseball teams are quite different. After mom intentionally swaps their gifts, the waterworks start flowing in a mini-drama reminiscent of Jimmy Kimmel's "I Gave My Kid A Terrible Present" challenge.

Mya tries really, really hard to hold it in, but the disappointment proves to be too much for her to handle when the diehard White Sox fan is faced with a Chicago Cubs pillow pet.

"I don't like the Cubs!" she exclaims through her tears.

But mom steps in just in time to save the day as she confesses the Cubs pillow is actually for Izaiah.

Mya is soon presented with her White Sox pillow pet and all is well in the world again.

For the record, mom is a White Sox fan, too. However, most of the family roots for the Cubs. Talk about a house divided.

Jimmy Kimmel recently proposed a series of YouTube challenges, inviting parents to record their children's reactions to harmless pranks.

For example, the talk show host encouraged parents to tell their kids they had eaten all their Halloween candy.

The result is a series of often hilarious videos that we surely hope will one day make the featured boys and girls laugh as hard as we are now.