12/29/2011 05:56 pm ET Updated Feb 28, 2012

Harmony Korine's Surreal Fashion Short (VIDEO)

Harmony Korine, the off-beat filmmaker that danced strangely into our hearts with films like "Kids" and "Gummo", created a short for fashion line Proenza Schouler for Paris Fashion Week this past September.

Korine has collaborated with the fashion line twice in the past two years. The more recent film, "Snowballs," is in line with Korine's characteristic broken narratives and bizarre characters. As the two ambiguous figures frolic from scene to scene, a feeling of uneasiness starts to well up that is strangely irresistable. The film features Proenza Schouler's Fall 2011, but we just like it for the surreal experience and creepy atmosphere. Watch the dreamlike short below.