12/31/2011 05:45 pm ET

Animal Photos Of 2011: The Cutest And Best Pictures Of The Year

With so many adorable animals making the news each week, it's pretty hard to choose the best photos of the year. That said, we've given it our best shot. Below we've compiled some of our favorite animal photos from 2011.

It was certainly a big year for animal news. Throughout 2011, scientists made a number of important animal discoveries. A new species of dinosaur, an ancient eel and a shell-less marine snail all added to our growing knowledge of the animal kingdom.

Animals on the move were also in the news this year. Yvonne, the German dairy cow was eventually caught after she spent three months eluding authorities. Morgan, a young killer whale, was transported from The Netherlands to the Canary Islands using elaborate equipment.

October's exotic animal slaughter in Ohio was also one of the year's biggest animal news events, albeit a tragic one. Click here to view the other biggest animal news stories of the year.

Need more adorable animals? Check out the thousands of cute pet photos submitted by owners around the world.

Click through some of the best, wildest and cutest animal photos of 2011 below, and vote for your favorites:

Animal Photos Of The Year 2011

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