12/19/2011 11:24 am ET Updated Dec 30, 2012

How To Open Champagne: 3 Unique Ways To Pop The Cork (VIDEOS)

We've got three ridiculously impressive methods to open a bottle of Champagne. Warning: These are not for the klutzes out there.

The correct method for opening a bottle is not what you may initially think -- the cork shouldn't go flying in the air. You should actually rock the cork slowly while twisting to ease it out so the bottle releases a small sigh. This way the pressure is taken off and you keep the sparkling wine from spilling everywhere.

But there are other methods of opening a bottle that purposely make a show of spraying Champagne everywhere.

If you really want to make a show of it, then you'll want to saber your Champagne. The method of sabering (officially known as sabrage) is one that was made popular in France during the time of Napolean, who celebrated his victories by having his bottles of Champagne sabered. Sabering involves swinging a specialized sword (but any regular sword that you might have at home works too!) over the lip of the bottle -- in effect removing the glass tip along with the cork.

If you prefer a quirkier method for opening sparkling wine, try a spoon! It works much like the sabering method -- but you might need stronger force.

Just one warning before you open a bottle of sparkling wine: be sure you point the bottle away from people!

Watch the videos below to learn the three methods for opening Champagne, along with tips for serving and a cocktail idea.

How To Open Champagne