01/02/2012 09:27 pm ET

How To Assemble A Richard Serra Sculpture (VIDEO)

The sculptor Richard Serra is known the world over for his minimalist works that emphasize material and create an engrossing experience. However, another critical facet of his process involves the actual assembling of his work. Though the soothing lines and shapes of Serra's work feel almost naturally embedded within the surrounding environment, his sculptures are meticulously placed.

Being off by even a centimeter would compromise the serene effect that Serra is trying to achieve. It thus comes as no surprise that Serra takes special consideration of the site where the work is to be installed. However, what would happen if one of Serra's sculptures was removed from its original context to a site that was not specified by the original plan?

Serra's maze-like "Sequence" was originally constructed for the Fisher Art Foundation, but has since been relocated to Stanford University's Cantor Arts Center. Thankfully, the riggers from Budco Enterprises have been installing Serra's work in North America for the past 20 years. Watch the tedious installation above and read an essay about the recontextualization at Daily Serving.