01/03/2012 04:45 pm ET

Brad Goreski Sent Rachel Zoe Baby Gifts, Never Got A Thank You Note

The Rachel Zoe-Brad Goreski split was, by any measure, a messy one. Some would say the fallout was of the ugliest variety, others downplay the drama.

Last night Goreski handed the world yet another little peek into his current status with Zoe. Goreski famously broke with Zoe, his former employer, to start his own styling business. That venture is being documented by a new TV show, "It's A Brad, Brad World," which premiered last night on Bravo (to much fanfare, but we have to admit: we found it a bit boring and only watched about ten minutes).

Luckily someone kept the TV on over at Jezebel, catching Goreski's guest-appearance on Wendy Williams' show to promote the premiere. During the interview Williams made sure to ask what everyone always wants to know: what's going on with Brad and Rachel?

Wendy: Do you have any conversation with anybody in the Rachel Zoe camp -- her husband, anybody?

Brad: No.

Wendy: So you haven't seen the baby?

Brad: I have not seen the baby.

Wendy: Did you send a gift?

Brad: I did, I sent an Hermes tower. It had three baby toys in it.

Wendy: Did it get returned?

Brad: It did not get returned. It also didn't come back with a thank you note...

Eek. While our main question concerns the "Hermes tower" (what the heck is that?), we also are curious why a thank you note wasn't sent. We've always taken Rachel Zoe to be a polite, friendly lady, so why no card?

The only explanation we can think of is that the toy tower got lost in Skyler's chock-full closet.

See the clip in the video above and read more about "It's A Brad, Brad World" here. Will you be watching?