01/03/2012 11:35 pm ET Updated Jan 04, 2012

Chris Matthews Compares Mitt Romney To Failed Organ Transplant (VIDEO)

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Chris Matthews compared Mitt Romney to a failed organ transplant during his coverage of the Iowa caucus on Tuesday night.

Rachel Maddow had just repeated MSNBC's projection that Ron Paul would finish third after Romney and Rick Santorum in what she called a "tight as a tick race." When she asked for his reaction, Matthews paused momentarily before honing in on Romney.

He said the Republican party's problem for the past 60 years has been that the split between whom he called "the primitives," who support Ron Paul and Rick Santorum, and "the establishment," who support Mitt Romney. That's when he made a bizarre comparison and cautioned against Romney's chances to win the nomination.

"There's something wrong with Mitt Romney and the Republican base," Matthews said. "They're rejecting him like tissue rejection, rejecting some new organ in the body. He doesn't fit with it. It's gonna take some special drugs to get him to be accepted by the body politic of the Republican party." Watch the strange comparison in the clip above.