01/03/2012 10:21 am ET Updated Jan 03, 2012

Fiesta Bowl 2012: Stanford's Jeremy Stewart Stops Teammate On Kickoff (VIDEO)

There is tremendous risk each time a kick returner fields the ball in his own end zone and opts to run it out. Just ask Packers kick return Pat Lee. During the Fiesta Bowl, Stanford's Jeremy Stewart wasn't going to take any chances when Oklahoma State's kicker boomed a ball deep into the Cardinal end zone.

On the ensuing kickoff after an Oklahoma State touchdown that cut Stanford's lead to 14-7, Cardinal wide receiver Ty Montgomery had to go deep into the end zone to catch the ball. He looked as if he was going to take it out instead of kneeling for a touchback and Stewart realized this immediately.

Stewart got in the way of his teammate and knocked him down before he could cross the goal line, resulting in a touchback. The move appeared to be the smart one as Cowboys defenders were at the 10-yard line just seconds after the play ended.

It was a good thing Stewart got to Montgomery before he crossed the goal line because we've seen what can happen when there's confusion on a kickoff return. In Week 17 of the NFL season, a Packers' kick returner misplayed the return and took a knee after the ball had bounced off his knee and rolled a yard out of the end zone, resulting in a safety and easily the biggest sports fail of 2012.. so far.