01/03/2012 08:37 am ET

GOP Spouses Opt For Conservative Styles, Colors At Iowa Caucus Rallies (PHOTOS)

As Iowa gears up for the caucus tonight -- it's looking good for Mitt Romney -- we decided to focus our sartorial eye on what the GOP spouses, whose style we previously evaluated, have been wearing as they tour the state in support of their beloveds' caucus bids.

Overall, most of the spouses avoided style risks -- now is not the time to embarrass your mate -- and stuck to Midwestern simplicity. Ann Romney favored Republican red, donning a bright scarf and a red blazer on different occasions to support her frontrunner husband. Anita Perry and Marcus Bachmann clung to their sartorial standbys: muted neutrals for her and a classic suit for him. Callista Gingrich opted for basic black at most events.

As for the candidates themselves, while Mitt Romney wore a pair of jeans or two, the MVP of Iowa style was definitely Rick Santorum's beloved sweater vests; he donned several, even pairing one, on Jan. 2, with an Iowa windbreaker.

Check out photos below of some of the wardrobe choices of potential First Spouses below.