01/04/2012 02:09 am ET

Sugar Bowl 2012: Michigan Field Goal Turns Into Catch By Offensive Lineman Jared Glanda (VIDEO)

Of the handful of memorable plays from the 2012 Sugar Bowl, more than half could accurately be described as botched, half-baked or overturned. Although it was a hard fought contest that extended into overtime, It wouldn't score well in a beauty contest with the recent bowl games. But just after midnight struck, Michigan was able to win its first BCS game since 2000 with a 23-20 victory over Virginia Tech in the Sugar Bowl.

Even the two most obvious highlights from the game -- a pair of touchdown heaves from Denard Robinson to Junior Hemingway -- seemed as much scheme as good fortune. Perhaps most indicative of the way things just seemed to be breaking for Michigan was a play that took place In the final minute of the first half. On 4th and 3, Michigan coach Brady Hoke sent kicker Brendan Gibbons onto the field to attempt a 36-yard field goal. Leading, 7-6, with 18 seconds left, Michigan holder Drew Dileo scooped up the ball ran to his right. The fake was on! Facing a heavy rush, he threw up a prayer while getting dragged to the ground.

The fluttering pass seemed sure to be intercepted but two Virginia Tech defenders collided as they both went for it. The ball deflected off one of their hands and, fortunately for Michigan, into the hands of Wolverines offensive lineman Jared Glanda for an 11-yard reception. After all that unscripted, awkward excitement, though, Michigan ultimately settled for a closer field goal attempt after a false start penalty short circuited their fresh set of downs. Michigan would hit tack on the 24-yard field goal to conclude the first half.