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Super Bowl 2012 Odds: Which Team Will Win Super Bowl XLVI?

It would seem like the Super Bowl would be most hotly anticipated in places like New Orleans, Green Bay, or even the frigid, self-satisfied sprawl of Red Sox Nation. False. As we enter the 2012 NFL playoffs, there are few places on earth more gleefully looking forward to the culmination of the NFL season than Las Vegas, Nevada.

While there is no team in Sin City, the various gaming establishments will be fatting their bank balances with our hard earned money. Among the few other places looking forward the Super Bowl just as much as Vegas? Off-shore betting websites and casinos on Native American reservations.

American playwright Wilson Mizner described gambling as "the sure way of getting nothing for something." This may be true. Unless, of course, you've got a good feeling about Drew Brees's arm. Or a bad one about Ben Roethlisberger's ankle. In those cases, well, placing a Super Bowl wager can certainly seem like a fine idea.

The postseason kicks off on Saturday with the Wild Card round and the first game features the Houston Texans going up against the Cincinnati Bengals.. But neither are favored to go far. The Packers and Patriots, however, are the heavy favorites to win Super Bowl XLVI.

The Saints -- who dominated in the second half of the season en route to the history books -- are right behind them along with the Ravens. Both both will eventually have to win a road game to earn a trip to Indianapolis.

Which team do you think is going to bring home the Lombardi Trophy? Will the well-rested Packers repeat as Super Bowl champions? Or will a surprise team celebrate on the field of Lucas Oil Stadium?

Scroll through the teams below and vote on which team you think will win Super Bowl XLVI!

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Super Bowl 2012 Odds