01/04/2012 01:14 am ET Updated Mar 04, 2012

'The Biggest Loser' Premiere: No Excuses, Broken Partnerships & A Bull Santa (VIDEO)

It may seem like they just crowned their last winner, but it's already time for a new season of "The Biggest Loser." The theme this time around is "No Excuses," and contestants were put to the test right away. Alison Sweeney met them outside the gates of the Biggest Loser Ranch and the contestants learned they would have to earn their way into this competition.

The brother-sister aqua team of Adrian and Daphne Dortch didn't make the cut, but Ali gives them a chance to come back into the game. All they have to do is shed 50 pounds at home in the next month. So they'll be back for a weigh-in and we'll see what happens. As for the teams that did make it in, they learned what "No Excuses" is really going to mean.

After working with both trainers -- Bob Harper and Dolvett Quince, back for his second season -- for two hours, they were told that each couple would be split. One would train with Bob and the other with Dolvett. In other words, the two teams on campus are made up of half of each incoming couple. They'll have to compete against their own partners.

Dolvett came into this season with something to prove, after watching Bob win weigh-in after weigh-in last season. And while Bob's team was killing it in their "Last Chance" workout, Dolvett equated his team to the Bad News Bears. A quick pep talk got them in line, and it worked for them.

On average, these contestants are smaller than those in most recent seasons, which made for uncharacteristically small numbers on the scale. To ratchet up the tension, producers left it up in the air until the weighing in of Dolvett's final contestant to see who would win. Up to the point Buddy weighed in, no one had dropped more than 15 pounds. But he dropped a whopping 22 pounds, giving Dolvett the win.

The competitive spirit between the trainers this season should make for an exciting and aggressive campaign for the contestants. Their smaller sizes should make for more vigorous challenges and more drama on the scales. One thing remained the same, though. When the black team went in to deliberate, one contestant sacrificed himself to go home and be with family.

Ben Shuh took what he'd learned and brought it home to his family where he dropped a total of 50 pounds. He's shooting for another 100 by the finale, taking the season's mantra to heart.

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