01/05/2012 02:56 pm ET Updated Jan 06, 2012

Armando Fontaine, Disabled Vet, Stranded At Home After Thief Steals Car: How You Can Help

UPDATED: Jan. 6, 2012 12 p.m.

After watching MSNBC's segment about Armando Fontaine, a businessman from Coral Springs, Fla., -- who wishes to remain anonymous -- made a $5,000 donation to help the disabled veteran replace his car that was stolen, the news outlet reported Friday.

For Armando Fontaine, a vet who lost his legs and partial vision due to diabetes, his 1996 Nissan Sentra was his lifeline.

Fontaine typically goes to the doctor twice a week, but since his car was stolen Monday, the 71-year-old Miami resident has been stranded at home. Along with the car, the thief made off with Fontaine's wheelchair mount and wheelchair footrest, all items that he and his wife can't afford to replace.

The two subsist on just $1,800 a month in Social Security.

"I couldn't believe that there's somebody so evil in this world, that out of all the cars that they can steal, they would go to the one that is completely equipped for a handicapped person," Jessica Nasib, Fontaine's granddaughter, told The Huffington Post.

After Fontaine suffered multiple heart attacks and his legs were amputated 10 years ago, the couple knew that they couldn't solely rely on family to usher them to frequent doctor's appointments. Fontaine's wife, Martha, learned to drive at 65 and the two poured the little money they had into buying the car.

Nasib said that Martha would scrub the vehicle with a mop and said that even if she was offered a Mercedes, she "would never want to drive anything other than my beat up car."

But, as much as they loved the car, they couldn't afford the theft insurance.

While their four children and seven grandchildren are pitching in where they can, they are also struggling financially and don't have the money to buy the Fontaines a new vehicle. But they have set up a fund to help raise $6,000.

"It truly touches my heart that there are so many good people out there despite the few evil ones that we've faced," Nasib said.

Want to help Armando Fontaine get a new car? Consider making a donation here.