01/05/2012 10:49 am ET Updated Jan 05, 2012

Jeremy Renner Attacked In Thailand, Man Stabbed

UPDATE: Renner's reps confirmed the incident to People magazine but said that Renner was uninjured, adding that the actor "exited as the fight took place."

It reads like a mission gone impossibly wrong: Action star Jeremy Renner was embroiled in a pub brawl in Phuket, Thailand when he and his party were attacked by six staffers of the Rachada Pub.

According to the report, Renner and 31-year-old Vorasit Issara, a general manager at a nearby resort, were imbibing at the bar when Issara dropped his glass on the floor at around 4:30am. The action sparked a fight between Issara and the pub owners, who violently "stabbed him in the stomach" and "chopped at his neck with a rotor axe," according to the Phuket City Police. Renner was not stabbed.

On Wednesday morning, the six staffers of the pub were charged with attempted murder.

Issara survives but is in the hospital with serious wounds to his stomach and neck, while the "Mission Impossible" actor and another associate suffered minor injuries. Meanwhile, the Phuket News reports that Renner and Issara, along with Issara's driver and four foreign friends, had been partying at the KotTorMor Pub and another club near the Roya Phuket City Hotel prior to arriving at the bar where the incident took place.