01/05/2012 02:31 pm ET

New Equinox Ads Promote Unhealthy Thinness And Degradation Of Women, Not Fitness

Equinox, the upscale gym with locations in New York, Dallas, Chicago and other locations throughout the east and west coast, is causing quite an uproar over its new print ads. The campaign entitled, "It's Not Fitness, It's Life" certainly promotes anything but fitness. Instead, it equates "life" to unrealistic thin runway models and the degradation and sexualization of women.

For a business focused on health and fitness, it's hard to believe that they could intentionally release ads that depict only Victoria Secrets-looking models who are splayed out in some rather compromising, sexual positions. Not to mention the fact that they look like they spend more time on crash diets than in the gym. The guys, on the other hand, are photographed with their muscles and six-pack abs on display. Making the stereotypical point, once again, that women should be frail, thin and dainty, while men should be strong and muscular.

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