01/06/2012 02:07 pm ET

Another CVS Claims Uterus Is Required For Purchase Of Plan B

Last month CVS apologized for refusing to let a man buy Plan B at a Houston store because he doesn't have a uterus. The pharmacy acknowledged that the sale of the drug isn't restricted by gender, and said it was an "isolated incident." However, the problem isn't so isolated after all. The ALCU of Texas is going after CVS because just three weeks earlier, a pharmacy in Mesquite refused to sell a man emergency contraception. They even went a step further, informing him that they don't know that he isn't a rapist.

The Dallas Observer reports that on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, Jason Melbourne drove to the Mesquite CVS, which is about 15 miles away from his home, while his wife stayed home with their two young children. They'd had an "accident" several days earlier and time was running out to take the pill. When Melbourne asked for emergency contraception, which he'd purchased before, the pharmacist, Minni Matthew, told him she couldn't sell it to him because he wasn't going to use it.

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