01/06/2012 04:02 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Chris Paul On Jimmy Kimmel: Clippers Point Guard Discusses Trade Controversy (VIDEO)

Los Angeles Clippers point guard Chris Paul made an appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on Thursday night to discuss a variety of topics including his new team, the trade debacle he was involved in before the season began and what it's like to face off against his good friend LeBron James.

The interview was of course light-hearted in nature, with Kimmel spending a good chunk of time of pestering Paul to become a member of his favorite team, the Lakers. But the point guard shrugged off the suggestion, asserting that he was happy to be a Clipper.

Paul also discussed getting married to college sweetheart Jada Crawley and mentioned that LeBron James was one of his groomsmen. When Kimmel asked him asked what James gave them as a gift, Paul simply responded, "He got me a very nice gift."

The highlight of the interview occurred when Paul presented Kimmel with a Nike shoebox containing a customized version of his new footwear that will be released on January 11th. Paul opened the box and presented the shoe to Kimmel, who responded, "You only got me one shoe?...The Lakers would have had two shoes."

Part 2 of the interview (watch part 1 above):