Jim Carrey Art: Actor's Painting Gallery Opens

After two decades of creating wild art on the big screen, Jim Carrey is taking his artistic talents to another canvas. Quite literally.

The Golden Globe-winning actor has long been a painter in his private life, and he's unveiling some of his biggest pieces at a new art show in Palm Springs. Typical for an actor who likes to play with expectations and perception, he's titled the show "Jim Carrey: Nothing to See Here," which certainly belies the event.

With works such as the one titled "High Visibility" taking up copious wall space, but it's the work on the floor that may be turning the most heads. Called "One Last Push," it's a painting in black light that is projected to a soundtrack provided by none other than John Mayer. As Mayer shreds, the painting shines.

Don't think Carrey is leaving film, though; he'll star in 2012 in "Burt Wonderstone," playing Steve Carell's rival comedian.