01/06/2012 11:08 am ET Updated Jan 06, 2012

Lorenzo Duran's Leaf Art: Artist Creates Stunning Silhouettes On A Miniscule Scale

Intricacy is the name of the game when it comes to Spanish artist Lorenzo Duran's intricate cut-away leaf art.

The artist carefully washes and dries the leaves before cutting away at them in a manner similar to Chinese paper cutting and Mexican picado. The results are beautiful, with some images contained entirely within the edges of the leaf. In other pieces, the artwork creates a new edge, in a manner that recalls Kara Walker's silhouettes.

Duran says the pieces are for sale on his blog. Should you like a leaf that's already been sold, he will attempt to recreate the design on a new leaf.

The Huffington Post reached Duran via email, but the artist said he was extremely busy and that the art would have to speak for itself. Let us know what you think of the selection here in the comments, and be sure to head over to Duran's blog for even more of his art.