01/06/2012 10:35 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Pound On My Muffin': Shira's Music Video Is Ridiculous (WATCH)

Move over Rebecca Black, there's a new viral sensation in town.

Shira K, a young rapper from Pittsburgh, has released "Pound My Muffin," a single that is burning up the web (ironically or not). Probably not about an angry baker, the song has caught fire thanks to its fantastic music video. A brief synopsis is in order:

A hoodie-wearing Shira walks into a bakery and sells a cupcake -- which defies the laws of commerce right then and there -- for an exorbitant sum. She then flashes the cash, dances against a wall and rides on top of a seat of an open-top convertible with a few friends. In between dance solos against a black screen, Shira, her friends and a few dudes (who may or may not have drugs) participate in some sort of sweets-and-narcotics party.

As far as symbolism goes, it seems muffins have been substituted for cupcakes in the video, which may cause some viewers to be confused: is the muffin an allegory for something else, perhaps? Are the two videos connected only loosely by the theme of baked goods?

Perhaps some clarity can be found in the young songstress's tweets. Most recently, she wrote, "bet u thnk this song is about u, dont u? dont u, dont u? it's about SOME1, but it it ain't u. so #RELAX."

A mysterious visionary to the core.