01/06/2012 11:42 am ET Updated Jan 06, 2012

Stephen Colbert Follows Pat Robertson's Advice, Overwhelms God With Prayer (VIDEO)

Not only does televangelist Pat Robertson know who the next President will be, but he also heard from God recently that an economic collapse will disintegrate the country. True story!

Stephen Colbert isn't one to argue with Yahweh, so on Thursday night's "Colbert Report," he followed along with Robertson as he posed questions to God about the possible causes of our nation's demise.

"Ooh! Ooh! It's like 20 questions, but with the 10 plagues," Colbert said.

In the end, Robertson decides that the only way to save America is with "overwhelming prayer." Well, if God wasn't listening before, he might have a blown eardrum after Colbert conducted his thoroughly overwhelming prayer in the segment above.