01/06/2012 08:18 am ET Updated Jan 06, 2012

Zermatt Avalanche Traps Skiers, Vacationers

Late last year, ski resorts across Europe were complaining about a lack of snow, causing panic within the multibillion dollar industry.

Fast forward to January 2012 and an avalanche caused by an over-abundance of snow has stranded holidaymakers at the ultra-popular Zermatt resort in Switzerland, the Daily Mail reports.

Train tracks and roads are covered with snow at the resort, preventing tourists from leaving the area. The resort has been closed off since 1:30 on Thursday, the Telegraph reports.

Henry Schniewind, who runs Henry's Avalanche Talks, told the Telegraph: "I don't think there will be these problems for the whole season. Ironically, when there was less snow last year, the risk of avalanches was greater. When there is a good base of snow, it is generally safer for skiers."