01/07/2012 12:46 pm ET Updated Jan 07, 2012

Jimmy Fallon As Russell Brand Reads 'Us Weekly,' Blasts Divorce Story Photos (VIDEO)

When the news broke that Russell Brand and Katy Perry would be calling it quits, celebrity tabloids such as Us Weekly had a field day speculating over what went wrong. And while there's no doubt that readers ate up the salacious stories, you have to wonder what the actual couple thought of it all.

Thanks to Jimmy Fallon's spot-on Russell Brand impression, on Friday night's "Late Night" we got an idea of what Brand might say about the Us Weekly cover referring to him as a "crazy person."

As Brand flips through the magazine, he notices that the pictures the editors chose largely favor Perry. Where she looks classy and composed, he looks like "a 'Game Of Thrones' character who shops at J. Crew." Where she looks dashing and sane, he looks like "a hipster version of Ebenezer Scrooge."

Watch the full bit above (or click here to watch on and hear Fallon-as-Brand comment on the other stories in the tabloid, including Justin Timberlake's engagement and who the REAL "Bachelor" should be.