01/07/2012 01:56 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Rachel Maddow Chases Jon Huntsman In New Hampshire (VIDEO)

Rachel Maddow took her (mostly) fruitless quest to get a Republican presidential candidate on her show to a new level on Friday.

While fringe contenders like Buddy Roemer have eagerly sat down with the MSNBC host, Maddow has found it much harder to bag any of the more prominent hopefuls. On Friday, she took her show to the New Hampshire primaries and spent the day trying to crash different GOP events. Cameras followed her failed attempt to get into a mobbed Rick Santorum forum. Then, something even better happened: Maddow actually tried to chase Jon Huntsman down to get some face-time with him.

Before the ambush, Maddow told her producers that the Huntsman campaign had flatly rejected any kind of interview with her. "No way, no chance, never" was how she described the response.

The campaign's reluctance could be tied to a recent minor stir Maddow caused within GOP circles when a Huntsman finance director wrote an approving tweet about her.

Undaunted, Maddow went to a Huntsman speech and followed what she thought was his car. As she saw him being surrounded by a press pack, she began running towards him. Eventually, she found herself outside of the scrum, unable to get close to him.

Back in a New Hampshire studio, Maddow again pleaded with Huntsman to stop by. "I do not bite!" she said, adding, "unless you want me to."


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