01/09/2012 12:12 pm ET

Charles Barkley Hosts SNL: Best Athlete Sketches On Saturday Night Live (VIDEO)

Closing out a week during which he joked about scamming Weight Watchers and was squeezed into NBC's coverage NFL Wild Card Weekend (which is easier now thanks to Weight Watchers), NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley hosted "Saturday Night Live."

This was the third time that the Formerly Rounder Mound Of Rebound handled "SNL" hosting duties. After a wooden rendition of a monologue that incorrectly called the NBA lockout a "strike," Chuck contributed to a few memorable sketches, a couple directed only at the sports fans watching, and several more for destined to be forgotten. In other words, it was about par for the course when an athletes hosts. And anyone who has seen Barkley golf, knows that "par" is something he will happily take.

Here are a few of Barkley's sketches from this weekend along with several of those from his All-Star predecessors. From Derek Jeter in drag to Michael Jordan taking therapy to Peyton Manning pegging kids with a football, these are some of the funniest SNL sketches featuring athletes. What's your favorite? Think we missed a great athlete sketch? Let us know in the comments section:

Athlete SNL Sketches