01/09/2012 12:08 pm ET Updated Mar 10, 2012

Armando Sardina, Funeral Home Removal Service Worker, Accused Of Removing Cash Along With Body

As if the death of a loved one wasn't enough to suffer, police say a North Lauderdale funeral home employee tried to remove a man's cash along with his body from the deceased's home in Tamarac.

Miami resident Armando Sardina, 56, who works in body removal for the Star of David funeral home, went to the residence of 53-year-old Michael Bressler on January 5 to remove Bressler's body. But according to the Broward Sheriff's Office, family members shortly noticed that $327 was missing from a bank bag in Bressler's master bedroom.

After being confronted by Bressler's brother-in-law, Sardina gave a BSO deputy permission to search his vehicle. The deputy found the money between the seats of Sardina's van, according to police, at which point Sardina apologized for stealing the money and was arrested, charged with grand theft.

BSO officials ask anyone who believes they may have been similarly victimized by Sardina to contact their local law enforcement agency.