01/09/2012 04:04 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Hideo Kuribara, Sushi Chef, Butchers Giant Kindai Tuna (VIDEO)

Only a handful of Kindai tuna get flown to the U.S. every week. The Kindai is farmed from bluefin eggs in Japan, a process that some call more sustainable than trolling for bluefin on the open ocean. Some conservationists argue that this method does little to save the bluefin population.

Regardless of what side you're on, it's clear that bluefin is a prized piece of fish, Kindai or not. New York's Del Posto restaurant found itself on the receiving end of a large Kindai and asked chef Hideo Kuribara, of sushi restaurant Ushiwakamaru to break down the beast.

The video below is fascinating to watch, and beyond the stunning professional butchery, we found ourselves completely transfixed by the music. Who knew that tribal beats and large Japanese fish made such a great combination?


[Gothamist via Eater]