01/09/2012 12:41 pm ET Updated Mar 10, 2012

Kate Middleton & Prince William Shine At 'War Horse' Premiere In London (PHOTOS)

When they got married, Prince William and Kate Middleton rode in a horse and buggy to their wedding party. This weekend, they took another highly photographed stroll, but instead of getting some equine transportation, they walked alongside the horses.

In fact, you might say that the steeds were the stars this time. After all, this was the premiere of "War Horse."

The Steven Spielberg film, which was shot in the English countryside, took its bow in London on Saturday with a star-studded event that not only featured the Oscar-winning filmmaker and his cast, but also presented the royals and the horses that starred in the film. It was quite a sight to see William and Kate walk down the red carpet while Spielberg and his star Jeremy Irvine spent time with their horse friends, but the director gave the pair their proper due in a short speech before the film's screening.

"It's a very prestigious honor because they represent an entirely new era in British royalty that has the entire world excited," Spielberg said. "When they came to America, that was one of the most exciting events, I think, that we've enjoyed for some time, so it's such an honor to be here in the UK to be able to meet them and to be able to show them, and all of us, 'War Horse.'"

The whole Spielberg family, in fact, did its best to make the future Queen happy; the director revealed later that he saw his wife pass Kate a tissue while she was crying during the film.

"I saw the Kleenex go across my face, arrive and stop but I didn't want to intrude on her experience watching 'War Horse' so I never glanced over," he told BBC Breakfast.

She should have also passed her a cupcake; Middleton is celebrating her 30th birthday.

The night was also attended by 600 active and retired British military servicemen, including those from Prince William's regiments. The entire event served partially as a fundraiser for the Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry, which benefits military families. Some beneficiaries were even in attendance.



Kate Middleton, Prince William At 'War Horse' Premiere