01/09/2012 06:17 am ET Updated Mar 10, 2012

'Shameless' Premiere: Frank Loses A Stupid Bar Bet, Then Loses Liam As Collateral (VIDEO)

It's summertime in Chicago and the Gallaghers are back with a new season of "Shameless" (Sun., 9 p.m. EST on Showtime). Fiona is still in way over her head, trying to take care of this brood, and Frank is still just as useless as ever. In fact, he challenged her wiles this week by calling a fellow bar patron a liar.

Overhearing the man boasting about being tasered twice and still fighting back against the police, Frank called him "an exaggerator at best." The man bet him $1,000 he could get tasered twice without going down, and Frank upped it to $10,000 because that's a stupid thing to do and stupidity is Frank's specialty. The man succeeded, leaving Frank in a world of trouble.

A world that became real when the man and his associates kidnapped Frank -- while he was out panhandling with youngest son Liam. The man decided to keep Liam as collateral until Frank came up with the money. To his credit, he tried, but it didn't work out. When Fiona heard about it, she took advantage of a situation at Kevin's house.

He'd grown way too much pot, thanks to their new adopted daughter's growing tricks, and had to get rid of it fast. No one messes with Fiona's kids -- such as they are -- so she marched over there with the whole gang to get Liam back. She even took on Frank's debt to the man, which she was able to pay off in full with a massive marijuana plant.

So it's a happy ending for now, but in the world of the Gallaghers, happy endings are only temporary moments of joy in their otherwise chaotic and stressful lives. Should make for a great season.

"Shameless" continues every Sunday night at 9 p.m. EST on Showtime.

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