01/10/2012 06:36 pm ET

Deer Crashes Through Glass Door At Goodwill Store In New Jersey (VIDEO)

Shoppers at a New Jersey Goodwill were caught by surprise when a deer crashed through the store's glass doors and briefly roamed around the establishment over the weekend.

The deer's daring dash was captured by security cameras throughout the store and can be seen in the above video.

The seemingly frightened animal broke though the doors and knocked over a glass display on Jan. 7, the Gloucester County Times reports.

No customers were injured in the incident.

Workers initially thought the loud noise was a car crashing into the building, but once they realized the commotion was caused by a deer, employees said they focused on getting customers out safely.

The entire ordeal lasted about three minutes, according to West Deptford Patch. The animal eventually made its way out the door, presumably unharmed, with some help from store manager Donna Busza, Patch reports.

But the Goodwill deer isn't the first to make smashing entrance in recent months.

Last year, a nearly 200-pound deer made a memorable appearance at a Georgia Taco Mac after crashing through the restaurant's glass windows, taking patrons by surprise as it ran past their tables.

In a similar incident, a janitor at an Idaho elementary school arrived to work to find a broken glass window, a hole in a wall and a deer roaming the hallway, KTVB reported following the incident.

Deer overpopulation has caused the animals to roam around more urban areas in search of food, creating a hazard for drivers and destroying vegetation.

And although the animals are not usually dangerous to humans, deer no longer have any natural predators, so the population needs to be kept under control, NPR reports.

In a 2010 article, Washington Post columnist Allan Sloan referred to deer as pests, or more specifically, "rats with hooves," and highlighted the monetary repercussions of dealing with the animals from year to year.

Sloan wrote:

Look, I'm all in favor of cute woodland creatures - as long as they stay in the woods, and aren't destroying the habitat on which plants, birds, insects and reptiles depend. Yeah, deer are just animals and it's not their fault, but they're a menace because there are far too many of them. When you see the New Jersey Audubon Society allowing carefully selected people onto its nature preserves to shoot deer, as it has since 2005, you know that an excess of deer is an ecological disaster.

However, while the white-tailed deer population along the East Coast is quite healthy, the population of the animals among the northern plains has been greatly diminished by an outbreak of epizootic hemorrhagic disease (EHD), which has killed up to 90 percent of the deer along at least a 100-mile stretch of land, according to the Associated Press.