01/10/2012 11:33 am ET Updated Aug 06, 2012

Michael Neff Collects Dead Christmas Trees Under BQE For Art (VIDEO)

The headache-inducing Brooklyn-Queens Expressway may be under construction forever, but thanks to a Brooklyn artist, the beleaguered road can find a bit of respite as it becomes home to discarded Christmas trees for a rather unique display.

Artist Michael Neff, eager to begin his delayed installation in a conventional gallery, decided to take his trees where he knew they'd be easily accessible and receive much visibility from passing BQE drivers in Williamsburg. In addition, Neff was always saddened by the sight of dead Christmas trees piling up on New York sidewalks.

The result is quirky public art in that's sure to catch your attention while backed up in traffic. And while the idea is cheery, dead trees swing under the BQE's gallows feels a bit eerie. (Gothamist said they looked lynched).

If hanging, dead Christmas trees aren't your thing, a trio of artists may be installing interactive lights under the BQE for a Kickstarter project, "Silent Lights" where light patterns are altered in response to traffic from above.

Smooth and functional the BQE may not be, but at least it's getting a dose of culture!