01/10/2012 12:37 pm ET

Stuff Girls Say To Gay Guys

According to Lessons I've Learned From Internet Memes, girls say a lot of funny things that are often offensive. (Um, so where are the endless "...Guys Say?" parodies? So much material, I'm sure.) Last week, we learned what not to say to black people if you happen to be a white girl. This week, we learn about the boneheaded things girls say to their gay BFF in the video, "Sh*t Girls Say To Gay Guys."

I wish I could sit here and say that I don't relate to 99% of this skit but alas, I would be a liar. Multiple girls have uttered phrases to me like "I know this guy -- he's gay -- and I think you would like him!" and "I NEED a gay best friend!" thinking that I would honestly take them as complimentary. That's the most puzzling aspect of it all -- the type of woman who says this sincerely believes they're a one-woman Pride parade.

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