01/10/2012 05:19 pm ET

Woman Jumps Off Williamsburg Bridge, Lands On Car And Survives

A 34-year-old woman jumped off the Williamsburg Bridge Tuesday afternoon, landing on a parked vehicle (see photos here) on Pitt Street at Delancey.

The FDNY confirms the incident and says the woman suffered "multiple trauma" before being transported to Bellevue Hospital.

A tipster tells The Village Voice:

"The car (it was actually more of a truck than an SUV) wasn't wrecked, but the windshield was. It was parked under the bridge -- a lot of cops/FDNY park under there because it's across the street from the Pitt Station. When I walked by the second time it looked like the woman had driven her car on the bridge and then jumped -- I saw the cops milling around what I assume was her car, which was a silver minivan/light SUV. They backed it off the bridge."

Two lanes on the bridge were reportedly shut down. No word yet as to the condition of the woman.

In May, rescuers dramatically saved a despondent man from jumping off the Williamsburg Bridge above Berry Street in Brooklyn.